My name is John Eilermann, and St. Louis has been home to me for over a decade now. When I first got here, one of the things that I immediately looked for was a great coffee spot where I can hang out any time of the day. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love coffee! It’s the first thing I reach for in the morning, and on most occasion, the last thing I have before hitting the sack.

I decided to create this site to have a venue for sharing my love for coffee. And one of the things that I, John Eilermann, of St. Louis, would like to share with you is my list of favorite coffee hotspots in St. Louis. I understand only too well how frustrating it can be for a coffee lover to discover too late that the cup of joe they ordered did not meet their expectations. That first sip is always the best part about drinking coffee, and I am here to show you where you can find the best cups of coffee in St. Louis.

1. Kaldi’s. I like coffee shops that have character, especially ones that are simple and unassuming, but are definitely memorable for offering a pleasant experience. Kaldi’s on DeMun Avenue is that perfect spot for me. I’m not much into those modern cafes that serve overpriced coffee. I’m here to enjoy a good cup in the company of friends, as well as say hi to the staff that have become my friends over time. Their homemade pastries are a must-try, too!

2. Stone Spiral Coffee. I have yet to meet a true-blue coffee lover who doesn’t like to read. Stone Spiral not only serves some of the best brews and lattes in St. Louis, they have a free lending library as well. So if you’d like to enjoy your hot coffee with a good read, head over to Stone Spiral Coffee at Sutton Blvd. in Maplewood.

3. The Mud House. If you’re someone who enjoys sandwiches with your morning cup, my recommendation is to head to Cherokee Street and go straight to The Mud House. They serve delectable sandwiches and burritos, and these go well with their selection of coffees.

These are my top three favorite coffee spots in and around St. Louis. I will be sharing more of these on this site so make sure to stop by again.

If you have your own recommendations, please feel free to get in touch with, John Eilermann. From St. Louis coffee shops to your own neighborhood cafes, all recommendations are welcome!