Hi, my name is John Eilermann and St. Louis is home to me. Although I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, I now consider this city my home for the past ten years. I was in corporate sales for a good number of years back in Illinois, but I realized that the fast-paced corporate environment wasn’t really for me. It was during a sales visit to St. Louis that I fell in love with the place. The atmosphere was more relaxed and laid back, and this—the spirit of St. Louis, if you will—is what drew me to the city.

After much thought, I decided to pack my bags and leave my stressful job behind. I now work as a freelance graphic artist and web designer. I must admit that corporate sales raked in money for me but I find that the benefits of living a more relaxed life are far more rewarding for me.

Whichever part of the world I find myself in, the first thing that I look for is a good coffee spot. Since I became a freelance artist, I’ve had more time to enjoy the things that I love, which includes travelling. Luckily, I have enough money saved from my previous career to afford me the luxury of traveling to a few cities overseas. I was never one to put my attention and money on the latest gadgets or any other trappings of modern living, and prefer to invest in life experiences. Books, my camera, and coffee are all the luxuries that I need; which was why I was able to accumulate substantial savings.

Why did I put up this site?

I created this site to share with all of St. Louis, and the rest of the world, my experiences traveling abroad, placing particular attention to the different coffees I’ve enjoyed in some of these cities. Perhaps you can check these out should you ever find yourself visiting them for a holiday.

In addition to sharing with you the best cafes in the world—in my opinion at least—I will also be sharing with you the best coffee spots right here in St. Louis. If you’re the type of coffee lover who has to start the day with a good cup of your favorite brew, then these coffee hotspots will definitely satisfy your craving.

I invite you to look me up, John Eilermann, in St. Louis if you happen to come by for a visit. I would love to share a good cup with you!