If this is your first time on this site, allow me to introduce myself. I am John Eilermann, a St. Louis resident, and a coffee fanatic. My daily routine involves at least three cups; two in the morning, and one at night. I also like to research on interesting tidbits about coffee. I figured, since I take it every single day, I might as well find out everything that I can about it.

This entire site is dedicated to everything about coffee; from the best coffee spots in St. Louis and around the world—or at least the ones in the cities that I’ve visited—to news and articles plus anything in between, you’ll find it here!

This particular Blog page will talk more about interesting tidbits and trivia about coffee. Every once in a while, you may also find personal posts here about my life, experiences, dog Java (I know, it’s a cliché), and other things that interest me at the moment.

To start with, did you know that Beethoven drank coffee for breakfast every day? And he insists that each cup should consist of exactly 60 coffee beans, no more, no less. As a matter of fact, to make sure that his morning cup has the mandatory 60 beans, he counts the beans himself!

As for coffee connoisseurs, a perfect cup would be made of two tablespoons, or between seven and nine grams of ground coffee beans, and six ounces of water.

Other interesting trivia about coffee:

1. The aromatic steam wafting from your hot coffee has an amount of antioxidants similar to that of three oranges.

2. Brazil is one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, generating over 3 billion pounds per year.

3. Global coffee consumption amounts to an astounding 400 million cups per year, making it the most popular beverage in the world.

4. Coffee was originally known in Europe as Arabian Wine.

5. Coffee beans that are roasted longer contain less caffeine, which means that a dark roast is less caffeinated than a medium roast.

Interesting, eh? Bet you didn’t know that about coffee. I surely didn’t!

If you know of other interesting facts or trivia about coffee, do share! I would love to hear about them!

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