My name is John Eilermann, and St. Louis is the city I call home, and I have to say that spending a little time at my regular coffee spot every morning is my most favorite thing to do here. A perfect brew in the morning is my idea of a perfect start to a good day. You know how we often hear of people who are grumpy in the morning until they’ve had their first cup? Well, that’s me on most days.

I find the ritual of drinking coffee in the morning relaxing and energizing at the same time. You could say it’s my little slice of heaven every day. And if you can’t already tell by now, I love coffee! You probably won’t find anyone who’s as enthusiastic and passionate about coffee as I am—at least not in St. Louis!

Being the coffee lover that I am, I have my favorites; strong, dark brew in the morning and whatever blend I fancy in the afternoon or evening after dinner. Whether I drink it alone or with friends, coffee drinking is one habit I don’t intend to break.

Below are a few of my favorite coffee variants:

1. Americano – is my morning brew. A single shot of espresso for every cup of water is how this variant is made. I add just a teaspoon of sugar in it, and without milk or creamer to get the most out of that espresso shot.

2. Capuccino – is my go-to blend in the afternoon. It’s not as strong as my morning brew but it still gives me the kick that I need whenever I need a boost of energy every time I have to work late. You have two choices for this blend: chiaro and scuro. Chiaro means light which translates to having more milk than coffee in your drink, while scuro has less milk, giving you a darker and stronger blend. Personally, I like scuro more.

3. Caffe Latte – is the flavor I get if I’m in the mood for a milder blend—or when the coffee shop I’m at doesn’t serve cappuccino. A latte is usually made of one shot of espresso mixed with three parts milk. I usually don’t use sugar or sweetener with my lattes as it’s almost all milk anyway, which gives it a little more sweetness.

How about you? What are your favorite blends? How do you take your coffee? If you have your own personal twists to certain coffee blends, I would love to hear about them so I can try them, too!